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Welcome to SaudiGEC

Dear All,

As we are highly committed to provide high standard education with high added value, we are presenting you with this opportunity to obtain your MBA, MSc and PgD BM(Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management) and other degree from well  recognized university in UK without the need to leave your job or family. SaudiGEC have collaborated with several top most university in United Kingdom, US and Canada through full time & part time post graduate programs.

The workplace is now more competitive than ever and senior positions are requiring higher qualifications from reputable universities. A recognized post graduate degree is now a must.

The two year post graduate program from the Universities in UK helps you build and improve your knowledge and understanding in the following business areas & more:

- Strategic management.
Leadership & entrepreneurship.
- Building value.
- Knowledge management .
- Marketing strategy.
- Human resources development.
- Marketing Design and Operations.
Organisational Behaviour.
Corporate Finance.
Business Ethics in a Global Context.
Investment and Portfolio Analysis.
- International organizational Behavior.
- Alternative Economies.
- International Marketing.
- Project Management for IT.
- Strategy, Business Information and Analysis.
- Performance Measurement: Qualitative Approaches.

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NCC Education is a global provider and awarding body of British education. We provide the complete education solution to over 200 Accredited Partner Centres in more than 45 countries worldwide. By working in partnership with Accredited Partner Centres and universities we provide students with affordable qualifications in Business and IT, from foundation through to degree, master's level and beyond.

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